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As part of the International Refugee Day, on June 28, 2024, at the invitation of the SVOJA association together with the Ukrainian House, legal adviser - Maryna Utesheva participated in the conference "Work in the profession - how to verify your diploma and get a job or open your own business in Croatia".

As part of the conference, our legal advisor Maryna Utesheva gave a lecture on "The procedure for recognizing foreign educational qualifications for the purpose of accessing the Croatian labor market" and "Peculiarities of labor relations in Croatia". The lecture was held in Ukrainian and was attended by 26 participants and more than 100 participants online.

They discussed the recognition of education and labor law, as well as the importance of nostrification of diplomas. This topic caused a lively discussion and many questions. Valuable knowledge and experience were exchanged through professional discussions with a legal advisor and refugees from Ukraine, who have passed the process of diploma recognition. We believe that through systematic information, we help citizens of Ukraine to integrate more easily into Croatian society.