We are a membership-based organization open to all, regardless of national, political, religious or other worldview commitment, which does not conflict with the principles and values advocated by the Centre.

We have 45 members and 16 honorary international members.

The members of the Centre make up the Assembly, the highest governing body of the Center.

The executive director of the Centre is Natalija Havelka.

An interested person can become a member of the Centre by signing the application form on acceptance of the Centre's operating principles, the Centre's Statute, and by accepting the Center's decisions and rules, expressing their will to the Centre's Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors makes a decision on admission to the membership of the Center, in written form, and informs the interested person about the decision.

The application form can be obtained in the premises of the Center.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights-Osijek:


The Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights gratefully remembers those who were involved in our work and results during our 20 years, and who remain an inspiration to us today:

    • Marina Cee,
    • Adam Curle,
    • Petar Gazibara,
    • Nada Ignjatović,
    • Dragica Koceva,
    • Mirko Mikić,
    • Marijana Mitrović,
    • Branka Pujić,
    • Stana Raguž,
    • Rosemary Street,
    • Krunoslav Sukić,
    • Jelena Šantić and other, unnamed here, heroes of peace.

In October 2008, one of the founders of the Centre, Krunoslav Sukić, died tragically. Here we are transmitting a line that is a contribution to the nomination of Krunoslav Sukić for the posthumous awarding of recognition from the City of Osijek for promoting the values of civil society.

If 20 years ago we thought, learned and acted gradually, but simultaneously, in three ways and in the areas corresponding to them: alleviating war traumas; by opposing the violation of human rights in our own community, and by supporting the peace process, today we insist on something called "sustainable peace".

We help build and strengthen strategies, norms, structures, knowledge and skills for managing conflicts, for eliminating injustices without using violence, for dealing with the consequences of past conflicts; current ones and those concerning future generations. We help build awareness among individuals, groups and institutions that they have the internal capacity to act in such a way. We help to find the foundations of fundamental trust between people, groups and institutions of the rule of law. We are not alone in all this. We were and still are a vibration that transmits waves: we inspired individuals and empowered the establishment of new associations. This is our strength: people and action.

Our bench - our first meetings

On the occasion of marking twenty years of existence and work of the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights-Osijek, on December 9, 2012, a commemorative plaque was placed on the bench in front of EFOS, where the first meetings of our Association were held.

Text on the memorial plaque:

The first meetings of the Osijek Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights were held on this bench

1992 - 2012

On that occasion, we remembered with gratitude all the founders of the Centre for Peace who "laid the foundations" and who are still our inspiration in our current and future activities


    • Veselin Debeljacki
    • Petar Gazibara
    • Jasmina Hadžihajdarević
    • Dušanka Ilić
    • Damir Jurić
    • Branka Kaselj
    • Dragica Koceva
    • Martin Kovačević
    • Katarina Kruhonja
    • Zlatica Mehičić
    • Branka Drabek-Milekić
    • Biserka Milošević
    • Spasenija Moro
    • Lidija Obad
    • Krunoslav Sukić
    • Tatjana Škrbić
    • Ljerka Tonković

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Dunja Duić
  • Ljerka Hedl
  • Ivana Šibalić
  • Srđan Lukačević
  • Ana Zrnić
  • Ana Matijević
  • Tena Mur