The Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights - Osijek is a citizens' association founded in 1992. The activities of its members are aimed at building peace, protecting and promoting human rights and freedoms, and promoting creative methods of conflict resolution on an individual, group and political level. We stand for conscious involvement in the construction of the European Union as a peace project and for assuming responsibility for the common destiny of humanity and planet Earth.

  • Our vision
  • sustainable peace
  • Our mission
  • building a society based on a culture of peace

We carry out our mission by empowering individuals, initiatives and associations of civil society for responsible participation in positive social changes, i.e. in the creation and strengthening of civil society and the rule of law.

The values we stand for are respect for diversity, humanity, tolerance, pluralism, human rights, personal responsibility, pacifism, gender equality and non-violence.


By building peace, we understand building and improving structures and procedures for raising awareness, formulating and solving problems, conflicts and injustices using democratic and other non-violent methods of political action - constant improvement of civil society and security based on trust and cooperation.

We base the approaches, methods and activities of peace building on four fundamental values:

  • nonviolence,
  • reconciliation,
  • empowerment,
  • sustainable development

Our internal organization is based on respect for the value and integrity of the individual, multi-ethics, participatory democracy, good communication, teamwork, responsibility, permanent focus on learning, transparency of operations and transparency of financial management, as well as cooperation and networking.

The basic principles of operation created when the organization was founded are the basis of the text of the application form for membership.