PLOUTOS - “cooPeration for achieving third country nationaLs’ financial independence thrOUgh financial liTeracy tOols and entrepreunerShip bootcamps”

02.01.2022. - 01.02.2025.

Opis projekta

The aim of PLOUTOS project is to improve TCN‘s access to financial services via: a) a course on financial literacy and sustainability supported by a relevant language course, b) a course on community interpreting offered to people already offering this service without having had any professional training (including TCN‘s residing in the host country for more than 3 years, second generation, employees of financial service providers and NGOs), c) practice business programme enabling practical training of TCNs in applying their financial literacy skills on the job d)multi-lingual technical tools offering TCNs with business training & access to microfinance in any EU country through the 96 members of the European Microfinance Network, lifting cultural and administrative burdens. The multistakeholder consortium of 11 project partners from 7 EU member states (SE,CY,GR,IT,BE,HR,BG) includes 2 Universities, 2 SMEs, 1 Banking & 1 Microfinance Associations, 1 Pubic authority representative and 4 NGOs. PLOUTOS will impact the local communities by increasing TCN's confidence and motivation for self-employment thanks to a new skillset as well as it will reduce the fear and instability that comes as a result of TCNs dependence on the surrounding society. Furthermore, many refugees & migrants have no access to banks and other financial services, in this sense, the enormous hurdle on their way to self-reliance and economic independence will be addressed.

OUTCOMES: PLOUTOS main outcome is the improvement of TCNs' financial literacy and the provision of access to a variety of financial services.

OUTPUTS: PLOUTOS tangible outputs are the financial literacy educational materials, the acceleration practice Business programme and the financial tool.The main intangible outputs is the confidence & knowledge that TCNs will acquire in various fields aiming at improving their access to financial services.

Partner organisations: 

Halmstad University


Aristotle Uni


European Microfinance Network




Breza Youth Association 

Sofia Development Association

Project is funded by AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund)