The Peacebuilding School Project

01.10.2016. - 31.12.2024.

Opis projekta

The Peacebuilding School project is gradually developing a methodology and structures that support and promote the school as a community and which, based on the foundations of peacebuilding, a culture of nonviolence, solidarity and cooperation, encourages the social inclusion of young people - the school as a community and a school in the community. Peacebuilding in the educational context connects civic education with beliefs, values and the art of non-violent action and provides a common framework for the prevention of violence, active citizenship and a culture of solidarity and cooperation. We consider this to be the basis of sustainable peace and development.

The Peacebuilding School project provides answers to shortcomings such as systematic support and monitoring of students' progress in the area of social knowledge and skills crucial for the 21st century, and systematic professional education of teachers in non-violent conflict transformation during their studies and during professional training where they are expected to protect students' rights, prevent violence and create an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching.

The goals of the program are focused on schools and civil society organizations gathered in the "Peacebuilding School Forum" in order to strengthen the peace capacities of institutions and schools that promote peacebuilding and to strengthen the capacities of the PEACEBUILDING SCHOOL Forum for partnerships on projects and to involve interested schools in the work of the Forum, more active advocacy of the concept peacebuilding schools in local communities, advocating the concept of peacebuilding schools and the introduction of adequate professional education from non-violent conflict transformation for teachers before the Ministry of Culture and Education and political decision makers in the Republic of Croatia.

The PEACEBUILDING SCHOOL Award was established by the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights - Osijek in 2015 and is one of the categories of the "Krunoslav Sukić" Peace Award - the first peace prize in Croatia with regional and international resonance.

The PEACEBUILDING SCHOOL recognition represents support for teachers, professional associates, students, and parents for their persistent efforts and dedication to education for peace.

The theme of the award-winning study-educational trip is Peace in Our Hands. We designed the program so that the students, teachers, professional associates, and parents of the school that received the PEACEBUILDING SCHOOL Award would improve their peace-building power: with public recognition and thanks, a pleasant and stimulating space for getting to know each other better, connecting, thinking together about the kind of school they want, and exchanging experiences. The program is jointly implemented by four organizations that contribute in different ways to the same goal of peacebuilding in their community: the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence, and Human Rights in Osijek, the Mediation Center "Msvijet," the European House Vukovar, and the Victory Association. The City of Osijek signed a charter of support for the Peacebuilding School Forum as the first city in the Republic of Croatia in 2018.