Free Legal Aid

01.08.2023. - 31.08.2026.

Opis projekta

Since 2014, the project has been implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Justice and Administration, which is expected to continue in the coming years as the Center for Peace is an authorized provider of primary legal aid and is registered as such in the Register of Primary Legal Aid Providers. On August 1, 2023, a Grant Agreement for the provision of primary legal aid from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia for the year 2023 was signed.

The key activity of this project is the provision of free legal aid and advocacy aimed at protecting human rights, combating discrimination, and strengthening the rule of law (legislative initiatives and influence on public policies). By directly providing free legal assistance to members of minority and socially disadvantaged groups and responding to individual cases of human rights violations with state authorities, we contribute to the realization of individual rights of citizens, which has anti-discriminatory effects. Through our work, we influence the improvement of the efficiency of public administration, whose main function is to ensure legal security and uphold legality in proceedings. Additionally, we contribute to enhancing the transparency and efficiency of public administration, whose primary function is to provide legal security, uphold legality in proceedings, and consistently respect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Based on insights from practice and considering discriminatory effects/practices from a human rights perspective, we advocate for and propose positive legal changes.

In the current socio-political and economic context in Croatia, through the provision of free legal aid, we contribute to the realization of the existential rights of socially disadvantaged and marginalized groups. By improving their status in society, we strengthen the social integration of individuals who are often on the margins. On the other hand, opportunities for discrimination on various grounds are reduced, and we contribute to the realization of the fundamental human right to equality before the law guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia.

By empowering and connecting civil society organizations to monitor trends and issues in the field of anti-discrimination, strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations for monitoring, analyzing, and advocating for improvement and/or changes in comprehensive anti-discrimination policies, and fostering public dialogue between the civil sector and public administration, we contribute to increased participation of civil society organizations in shaping and implementing public policies, raising public awareness of the right to non-discrimination, promoting and protecting the equality of all citizens, and ultimately strengthening the rule of law and democratization.