F.R.E.D. - Fostering Racial Equality and Diversity

15.04.2024. - 15.04.2026.

Opis projekta

The project’s aim is to reduce racism, discrimination and other forms of intolerance based on racial or ethnic origin, colour and religion, including intersectional discrimination and to enhance the protection of groups, communities and individuals affected by racism, discrimination and intolerance. For achieving the aim, the consortium will implement a multi-dimensional approach for influencing public institutions in charge of policies for combating discrimination, supporting the work and role of actors providing direct assistance to (potential) victims of discrimination, facilitating their coordination and cooperation and addressing the root causes of racism and discrimination through prevention of negative stereotypes among the general public and its segments.

The needs and problems addressed are:

  1. Enforcement of AD legislation and implementation of AD policies in Croatia is ineffective.
  2. Lack of education for developing and enhancing skills and knowledge on specific topics related to non-discrimination (esp. on racial or ethnic origin, colour and religion) for CSOs and ombuds institutions, stagnant cooperation, few networking opportunities, the lack of general knowledge on AD legislation and mechanism for protection among local actors.
  3. Need for a holistic reporting system for racist incidents and racial discrimination.

The primary target groups are:

National minority councils, county coordination for human rights and CSOs providing direct assistance to potential victims of discrimination; CSOs advocating for national policies, ombuds institutions, legal experts and experts from other EU MSs whose work will be supported through specific advanced educations and exchange of knowledge and experience; national institutions responsible for the design and implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and policies; public and its segments, i.e. local communities, future teachers and journalists and academia and expert community.


  • Centre for Peace Studies (Project coordinator)
  • Office of the Ombudswoman
  • European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

The project is financed by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)