Arguing at school Psycho- Pedagogical methods to help children ( 2 - 1 8 ) learn from arguing

01.12.2021. - 30.11.2024.

Opis projekta

The project was conceived on the basis of the following general questions: “What happens when a quarrel occurs between students?”, “How is it perceived by teachers?”, “How do they intervene and to what extent is their intervention the result of a school strategy?”, “Is there a pedagogical method or approach shared by teachers?”, “Who decides and what level of sharing should be responsible for choosing (class, school, policy-making)?” and “Is there an educational strategy on how to positively convert quarrelling among students?”.
We know that schools rarely devote work to this issue: very often teachers react in individual and even emotional ways to children's quarrels. Generally, they do not think that quarrelling is normal and important in the life of people of all ages and a few of them know that there is the practical, as well as theoretical, possibility of learning from quarrels and learning to quarrel better. The partners belong to this rare area that has made childhood quarrels an object of study and work, developing precise methods and educational tools to allow students to learn also through quarrels, develop relational skills and prevent the conflictual incompetence that characterizes violent behaviour.


CPP - Centro Psicopedagogico perla pace e la gestione dei conflitti

FREREF - Fondation des Regions Europeennes pour la Recerche en Education et Enformation

IIHL -  International Institute of Humanitarian Law

Fondazione Intro

Osnovna škola Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko

I4F - Innovate4Future 

Colegiul National Sfantul Sava

RFF -  Relationships are Forever Foundation

Maria Regina College Naxxar Induction Hub

Project duration: 1.12.2021. - 30.11.2024.